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Our Story

The BBQ Shirt is an all-wear brand, founded on creating high quality, slim fit shirts made from modern Hawaiian print fabrics.

We are a family-owned business with an appetite for outdoor adventures and traveling. From snowboarding to hiking to surfing and camping, we believe that life is short, which is why we're up for experiencing all that we can.
Matching Hawaiian Print Shirts for Humans + Dogs by BBQ Shirt x Dog Threads
The BBQ Shirt symbolizes slow living, freedom and a happy state of mind -- wear your #BBQshirt doing whatever you love, wherever you might be. It's not about the weather, it's a state of mind.

Every BBQ Shirt is designed and constructed in Minnesota with a focus on quality and comfort.

What sets our shirts apart from the classic Hawaiian Shirt (hanging in your dad's closet) is the tailored fit, collar buttons and refined fabrics.

Whether you're at the beach, grilling in the backyard or hiking through the mountains --

life is always better with a BBQ Shirt.

Where does your BBQ Shirt take you?

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